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Radon Testing

December 27, 2013


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Radon is deadly in part because it is so difficult to identify. Because of the way it is formed, it is more likely to enter your home than some other harmful elements. Before moving into a new home, put forth the small amount of money needed to get a test done. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. It is estimated that one in every fifteen homes has a dangerous amount of gas inside. Whether that is radon or some other harmful gas, get rid of it as soon as it is discovered.


When uranium and radium decays it causes radon to be produced. This most commonly happens with granite. The gas can enter the home through cracks in the foundation, water lines, and other small entrances. Even if you think your home is free of this radioactive element, the gas could be seeping in, causing more harm than you realize.


Those with young children should be especially aware of the damage radon can do. Because of the shape and size of their developing lungs, they have a much higher chance of developing lung cancer because of this toxic gas being inside the home. If they are also exposed to cigarette smoke, the chance of having breathing problems is 20 times greater. Protect your children by keeping radon out of your home.


Because of how radon works, the only way to get it out of your home is through radon mitigation. At Superior Water & Air, we can get this taken care of in your home, removing the potential harm from your family. Get this done as soon as the radon is discovered to prevent lung cancer. We will re-route the contaminated air inside your home, keeping you safe in the future.