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HVAC Repair & Install in Utah

Trusted HVAC Repair in Utah

If your HVAC system is making strange noises or failing to maintain comfortable temperatures, contact Superior Water & Air. We provide a number of comprehensive HVAC services in Salt Lake City to ensure you’re kept comfortable. Don’t spend another minute looking for HVAC repair in Salt Lake City, UT. Contact Superior Water & Air today!

Heating & Furnaces

No Heat? Superior provides guaranteed repairs as well as multiple options on new equipment.

Air Conditioning

No Heat? Superior provides guaranteed repairs as well as multiple options on new equipment.

Air Purification

What germs are circulating in your air? Superior has humidifiers, duct cleaning & air purification options to help you breathe easy.


Throughout the year, power grids are affected by powerful wind storms, blizzards, and more. Is your home and family prepared to deal with a major power outage?

High-Efficiency Furnaces

Installing a new, high-efficiency furnace can result in up to 75% more efficiency than your previous heating system

Home Heating and Furnace Services in Utah

A furnace left in poor condition can cause an improperly functioning thermostat, leaks, and power malfunctions. Rather than let furnace problems be yet another annoyance to you, let Superior help. Whether you need a duct or filter cleaning or HVAC installation, Superior provides affordable furnace services to help.

Furnace Installation

Superior installation is fast, efficient, and competitive.

Top Utah Furnace Brands

Superior only sells the most trusted names in heaters.

Furnace Repair Since 1956

Superior has been repairing furnaces since 1956.

Superior Air Conditioning in Utah

Frozen or dirty coils, leaking ducts, and fan issues are common AC problems that can leave you hot and uncomfortable. No other can keep your system running effectively like Superior. With our air conditioners, you’ll stay cool and relaxed no matter how high the temperatures get.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioner Installation

Superior installation is fast, efficient, and clean.

Top Air Conditioner Brands

Superior only sells the most trusted names in air conditioning.

Air Conditioner Repair

Call us today, get it fixed tomorrow (or sooner).

Air Purifiers & Humidifiers in Salt Lake City

If you’re not cleaning your ducts often enough, all that dirty air is being recirculated up to 50 times a day. Superior ensures that you’re only breathing in clean, healthy air by providing comprehensive air purification services. You’ll never worry about the air you’re breathing again.

Air Purification Services in Utah

Humidifiers & Ventilation

High-quality, energy-efficient humidifiers make your home comfortable.

Home Air Purification

Bring the fresh air inside with Superiors home air purification systems.

Indoor Air Quality

Eliminate germs in the air.

Superior Generators in Utah

Keeping your generator in good condition ensures it doesn’t break down or stop working in the future. Superior provides a number of generator services to ensure it doesn’t have any major issues, so if a power outage does occur, you’ll be prepared.

Generator Services

Emergency Generator

We’ll keep your generator well maintained so you’ll have reliable power instantly.

Generator Sales

You’ll have access to some of the most trusted names in generators.

Generator Service

Enjoy service from someone who’s been in business since 1956.

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Whether you’re struggling with a malfunctioning air conditioner or a broken generator, Superior is committed to resolving the problem. As the preferred HVAC provider for brands throughout the country, we’ve earned our reputation as a reliable, high-quality provider. We’re also committed to keeping your property clean and protected while we work, which is why we always put down tarps and wear protective booties. There are no monthly maintenance contracts with Superior either. Just fast, effective, and affordable service. We even offer an insurance product for our customers who need help with the cost. Don’t wait for a small problem to become worse. Contact the experts in HVAC repair in Salt Lake City, UT today.