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Say goodbye to bottles and hello to convenience with a state-of-the-art office water dispenser! Our systems connect directly to your existing culinary line, supplying your Utah workplace with a steady stream of crystal-clear, purified drinking water. With no need for costly water delivery services or plastic bottles, our dispensers save you money and storage space, making them an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution for any office environment. Contact us and enjoy hassle-free access to clean drinking water now!

Water Dispenser Replacement Filter We Carry

Our selection of innovative water dispenser filters is designed to keep your machine running smoothly while maximizing performance. We carry replacement filters for:

  • Coffee & Hot Tea Systems
    Conceived to enhance performance, improve protection, and provide better overall taste, our Cuno/3M filters will get the most out of your hot beverage systems.
  • Cold Beverage Filters
    Get the best performance out of your equipment and enjoy refreshing, chilled water with our Cuno/3M filters.
  • Ice Machine Filtration
    Our 3M Filters are designed to extend your equipment’s life and provide cleaner, superior-tasting ice for maximum refreshment.

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Treat your Utah office to a quality water dispenser from Superior Water & Air. Call us today to deliver hydration and freshness right to your workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, no more inconvenient, unsanitary bottles! Superior offers crystal clear, clean, purified water systems that hook directly into your existing culinary water line, offering your employees and customers a virtually endless supply of delicious thirst-quenching water. We provide self-contained products in various attractive designs and sizes: perfect for your office break room or lobby.
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