Office Water Dispensers in Salt Lake City

Say goodbye to bottles! Superior offers a Water Dispenser that hooks directly into your existing culinary line delivering crystal clear, purified drinking water.


Common Questions

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First and foremost, no more inconvenient, unsanitary bottles! Superior offers crystal clear, clean, purified water systems that hook directly into your existing culinary water line: offering a virtually endless supply of delicious thirst quenching water to your employees and customers. We offer self-contained products in a variety of attractive designs and sizes: perfect for your office break room or lobby.

Depends! Based on usage and number of people served – we will schedule your filter change to be either quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Superior handles all the service as part of your monthly fee.

  • You pay a low fixed monthly price: no matter how much water your office consumes!
  • Your employees can enjoy trouble-free cold water refreshment or hot water for soups and teas at the touch of a button.


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    Featured PRODUCTS

    We even deliver filters straight to your door.

    We Carry REPLACEMENT Filters For

    Coffee / Hot Tea Systems

    Cuno/3M filters protects coffee and hot tea systems while maximizing equipment performance.

    Cold Beverage

    Cuno/3M filters provide high-quality water while maximizing equipment performance.


    Ice Machine Filtration

    3M Filters add years to your equipment life while serving cleaner, better-tasting ice.

    Water Dispenser SERVICE

    Call for filters or other service questions.

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