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At Superior Water & Air, keeping your home comfortable and your systems running smoothly is our number one goal. Proudly serving the city of Salt Lake for the past several years, we’ve earned the reputation of providing high-quality, reliable services for HVAC, water, and plumbing in Utah. No matter what type of issues you’re struggling with, we’ll have it repaired quickly so you can get back to feeling comfortable and relaxed in your home or office.


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    Ice Machines

    HVAC Services in SALT LAKE CITY

    When your HVAC system in Utah isn’t working effectively or at all, Superior Water & Air can help. We provide installation and repair services for heating and furnaces, air conditioning, air purification, and generators to ensure your property is kept at a comfortable temperature all year round. So whether you’re struggling with a broken thermostat, odd furnace noises, or uncomfortable room temperatures, contact Superior Water & Air for HVAC services near you in Salt Lake City, UT to have the problem resolved.

    Water Filters & Softeners in SALT LAKE CITY

    You shouldn’t have to think twice about whether or not the water in your home or business is safe. With Superior Water & Air, you won’t have to. We offer a range of water services to ensure that your water is kept clean and uncontaminated. From servicing water dispensers, filters, and softeners to repairing restaurant ice machines, we’ll ensure that all of your water systems are running smoothly.

    Plumbing in SALT LAKE CITY

    Whether you have leaky faucets, constantly running toilets, clogged drains, or poor water pressure, Superior Water & Air can keep your plumbing in Salt Lake City running properly. Each of our technicians has extensive experience and can quickly repair any plumbing issue—no matter how large.

    We’re also committed to keeping your home or business protected while we work, which is why we wear protective booties and cover your floors and furniture items with tarps while we’re on your property. We provide services for water heaters, bathroom and kitchen repairs, pipe repair, and drain cleaning, all at a budget-friendly price. If you’ve been searching for a plumber near you in Salt Lake City, contact Superior Water & Air today.

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    Enjoy Affordable Service from Superior Water & Air

    Whether you’re looking to have your HVAC in Salt Lake City serviced or are struggling with plumbing issues, Superior Water & Air has you covered. As the preferred provider for Home Depot, Costco, and Lowe’s, we’ve earned the reputation as the best plumbing and HVAC provider in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    In addition to high-quality service, we also help you save money. There aren’t any monthly maintenance contracts with any of our services, and we also provide an affordable insurance option to help you with service costs should you need it. Contact Superior Water & Air to request service or to learn more.

    Our Customers Love SUPERIOR!

    • 5 star review  I made an appointment with Superior Water & Air to have a tuneup and inspection completed in June 2020. The Superior Water & Air Technician (Josh) came out and did an Outstanding job. Answered any questions I had and was detailed in his explanations. The making of the appointment was super easy and the Customer Service top-notch. I’m pretty impressed overall and I’ll be sticking with Superior for the foreseeable future. Signing up for the Silver Seasonal Maintenance Plan was a no-brainer.

      thumb Richard Luchs
    • 5 star review  We had a water softener installed. Our process was seamless. Glen came and explained the benefits so clearly. We were able to schedule our install soon after. Robert was quick, kind, and knowledgeable with our installation. I would recommend Superior to anyone.

      thumb Cheri Magill
    • 5 star review  Always the best service and prices I have found!! I have had A/c work, heater repairs and soft water and water purification systems from them and it’s always less then I would have expected! They also do not try to sell you a new system if it’s a simple repair or worth fixing. I have 2 houses with renters but always use Superior before anyone else! Love them!!!

      thumb Cari Lyn Hall
    • 5 star review  The technician i had come today to upgrade my reverse osmosis system was courteous, professional and polite. Everything went as it was supposed to, he walked me through what was changed with the new system and even checked out my soft water system as well before he left. He even got extra kudos from Hal my dog who decided to check his work before he left. Highly recommend 👌

      thumb Zackary Ritchie
    • 5 star review  I have an old furnace (~40 years old) that was in need of repair or replacement. These matters seem to happen at the most inopportune times. This company (Superior water & air) happens to be the contracted furnace sales & installation group selected by Costco in our area. I had a service call placed with them and they were very responsive, efficient, and accurate in diagnosing the issue and repairing the furnace. The service person was very attentive, professional, and informative. This is what I would expect and appreciate from a company sponsored by Costco and one in which I would be willing to purchase products from. The help is appreciated. Overall I give it 4.8 rating.

      thumb Archie Holmes