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How Does a Tankless Hot Water Heater Work?

November 19, 2013

Your hot water heater is essential anytime of the year, but especially as the winter months get closer and closer. There are a few things that can be done to ensure your water heater will continue running for the long haul. These procedures will be different whether you have a tankless hot water heater or one that uses a tank.


As your water heater gets older, consider upgrading to a tankless hot water heater. Although the initial cost is greater, the benefits, and the reduced cost over time will be well worth it. Learn the way it works to understand just how great the benefits will be.


The difference


As opposed to other hot water heaters, the tankless system only heats the amount of water that is needed. There is no storage of hot water that is kept in a tank, where every time the temperature begins to drop heat is used to bring the whole thing back to a decent temperature. Instead the system uses a technique that will heat the water as it comes through faster to keep the supply as much as you need.


The first difference you will notice about switching to a tankless hot water heater is its size. The tankless system is much smaller than a fifty, or even forty gallon tank. It will take up much less room, leaving you free to use the additional storage space. Besides this basic advantage, there will be many more.


The advantages


After the initial cost of your tankless hot water heater, you will find that it actually takes less energy to run than those with tanks. This is because instead of heating gallons and gallons of water that may not even be used anytime soon, the tankless system only heats as much as you need at one time.


If you are looking to change to a model that will last the test of time, consider the tankless option. These will last up to ten times longer than those of the same caliber that use a tank. Besides this, those who have dealt with flooding issues with their water heater don’t have to worry, these have no tank to rupture, and thus don’t have the same risks.


If you are considering an upgrade, call us at Superior Water & Air. We can help you select the right model for your home, and get your tankless hot water heater running in no time. There are many advantages that can come, start getting them today.


By +Cassie Costner