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Leaving Your Pet Home During the Summer

May 22, 2014

Leaving Your Pet Home in the Summer

Pet owners from all across the country worry about their pets when leaving them home during the day. Some choose to leave their pets outside during the day, while others opt to leave their furry friends inside. What type of pet you own will be instrumental in your decision of desirable home temperature. The most common pets are dogs and cats, both of which need to be protected from the heat of summer.


Here at Superior Water and Air, we are concerned with not only helping you to reach the ideal temperature in the home for you and your family, but for your pets as well. Make sure that alongside other measures you take to keep your pet comfortable during the summer, temperature is taken into account.


The Outdoors


Many people choose to leave their pet outside while they are away at work. This is perfectly acceptable, and may be more desirable to your dog being outside rather than cooped up indoors. There are a few things that need to be addressed in this situation.


First, make sure your dog has some sort of shade at all times during the day. This is especially important during the middle of the summer when it reach unusually high scorching temperatures. Make sure there is enough shade to give your dog a well deserved break from the sun.


In addition to this, always have enough water to keep him or her satisfied all throughout the day. Place this in a place that will protect it from the direct rays of the sun, keeping the water cool for your pup. Make sure that your dog is not exposed to hot asphalt or sand in your backyard, both of which will damage their paws.




Not everybody chooses to keep their dog outside during the day. If your furry friend is potty trained, you may choose to keep them inside instead. Although we won’t have the temperatures at unbearable levels while we are home, those who have programmable thermostats will generally  turn off the air conditioning during the day. While this is a great way to save on the electric bill this summer, don’t forget about your pets at home.


A dog’s normal temperature is higher than that of a person, usually between 100 and 102 degrees. When they rise higher than this, a dog will have a difficult time cooling the body down. For those days that are way extreme in temperature, make sure to set the temperature down at least a bit. When pets are kept in the home, set the thermostat at 85 when you are away to prevent it from rising too high.

Each pet is different, and even within dog breeds there will be some variation when it comes to keeping an ideal temperature during the summer. As it begins to get hotter, monitor your pet for signs of distress when you get home. Ensure that they are comfortable and safe even when you are away.