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Water Shortage in Lehi

May 26, 2014

Water Conservation in Lehi

Residents and businesses in Lehi are currently experiencing a water shortage that will affect them throughout the summer. If you are residing within these restrictions, being conservative with your water consumption will make the biggest difference.


The Conservation Plan

There are three phases being put to work within the city limits of Lehi. The first green phase is currently going on and is simply an encouragement to residents to start conserving water within their daily routine.


The second phase in Lehi will begin on June 1st. This will be a moderate water shortage known as the yellow phase. This will restrict the time and the days your lawn can be watered. The only acceptable times of the day to water are between 6pm and 10am. Everyone within the city will be allowed to water their lawns as much as three times a week.Those homes that have even numbered addresses will be allowed to water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday while those with odd numbered addresses can water on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


There will be consequences put into place for those who do not adhere to the water restrictions starting with a warning and then a fine. Make sure you follow these rules during phase II. Once phase III is put into place, there will be more restrictions when it comes to swimming pools, outdoor fountains, ponds, and washing your vehicle.


Other Ways to Conserve

Besides the restrictions that have been put into place, there are other ways you can conserve water within your home. Consider implementing these as well into your daily routines to save water and save you money this summer:

  • Avoid putting water down the drain that can be used for something else whether that is cleaning, watering or some other need.

  • Look out for leaks in your home. Listen for dripping noises or the sound of the toilet constantly running.

  • Take some time off your morning shower. You can replace your shower head with one that is designed to conserve water.

  • Turn off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth or shaving.

  • Avoid flushing the toilet for things such as throwing away a piece of tissue or a bug. Instead put these things in the trash.

If you live in Lehi, be prepared for the changes that will be coming next month. Some of the voluntary water conservation practices will become mandatory next week. Work with the city to conserve water, taking any measures within your home you can.