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What Services can Superior Water & Air Offer You?

June 24, 2014

Here at Superior Water & Air, we offer a wide spectrum of services and products for your home and office. Take a look at what we offer, and how we do it better than anyone else in the business.

What Services can Superior Water & Air

Home Water Evaluation


You might be surprised to find what is lurking in your water. Many cities in Utah are known for having exceptionally hard water, take advantage of Superior’s free water evaluation to learn how much bacteria and chlorine you are consuming. After you find out what’s coming from your tap, you’ll want to invest in a water purifier to take these harmful elements out of your water.


Water Softener Repair


We already know that Utah’s water is rough, with the help of a water softener, you can cushion the blow to your appliances. Whether you are installing a water softener for the first time, or getting your old one repaired, this will be the first and best line of defense in your home against the problems of hard water.


Furnace Repair


While it may be far from your mind during the heat of summer, your furnace is crucial to your home. Not only will it keep you comfortable, but it also works to protect the pipes of your home from freezing no matter how cold it gets. Keep your furnace serviced on a regular basis, or upgrade your older furnace to a newer model. Both of these courses will help save money in your home.


A/C Repair


There are a few common problems when it comes to your air conditioning including refrigerant leaks, inadequate maintenance, drainage problems, and sensor problems. All of these should be addressed early on in the summer to prevent problems throughout the season. Superior Water & Air offers repair and replacement for your A/C, helping to keep your home cool.


Duct Cleaning


The ducts in your home are made from fiberglass, sheet metal, and other materials. When these ducts leak, it can cost you hundreds every year on the heating and air bill. Even small amounts of accumulated dust can cause a drop in efficiency, costing you more. To reduce respiratory problems and unnecessary spending, have your ducts professionally cleaned by Superior.


Plumbing and Drain Cleaning


Having the right plumbing in your home is critical. It runs everywhere from the kitchen to the laundry, from the water heater to the bathroom. Make sure the drains of your home are clean and running efficiently. Waiting too long to call for help will only lead to bigger problems.


Restaurant Services


Water is arguably the most important ingredient in the restaurant business. Your customers deserve water that is clean, pure, and tastes great too. Superior can install ice machines, beverage equipment, filtration systems for brewed beverages, and steamers. These products each have their place in your restaurant, keeping your customers happy.


Radon Testing and Mitigation


Radon is a gas that cannot be smelled, seen, or tasted. An alarming number of homes have dangerous levels of radon inside. This dangerous gas should be mitigated as soon as possible. Because it occurs naturally, any home could potentially have radon, though those near granite will have higher levels. Let Superior Water & Air test your home for radon. If we find dangerous levels, we can reroute the contaminated air from your home, keeping your family safe.

At Superior Water & Air, we offer a number of services to improve your home or business. Call us to find out more about what we can offer you! 801-438-4845