Plumbing & HVAC Services in Taylorsville, UT

HVAC Services in Taylorsville, UT

Fully functioning plumbing and HVAC systems aren’t just something you should have, but rather, they are systems you need. Staying ahead of any potential problems with your pipes, water heaters, and furnaces can save you money and stress in the long term. 

With fluctuating weather and potential power outages, it’s best to be prepared. The trusted professionals at Superior Water & Air can handle all of your plumbing and HVAC needs in Taylorsville, UT.


There’s nothing worse than coming home to find out your heat isn’t working on an extra cold day, or your air isn’t circulating in the dead of summer. When issues like these arise, leaving your affected systems in disrepair can cause more damage and greater expense. With our HVAC services near you in Taylorsville, UT, we can assess the issues and provide recommendations on equipment that fits your needs.

Plumbing Services in Taylorsville, UT

Whenever you notice issues with your pipes, such as cracking, leaking, or sinks that aren’t properly draining, finding trained plumbers near you in Taylorsville, UT, is your best bet. Our plumbers will check out the areas of concern and provide solutions. For leaking or cracked pipes, we can install a seamless pipe inside the existing one for a long-lasting repair.

If your water isn’t running warm, we can easily set you up with a new water heater. Or, if you’re dealing with standing water in your sink or bathtub regularly, we also provide drain cleaning in Taylorsville, UT.

Our plumbing services include:

Water Services in Taylorsville, UT

Having clean drinking water shouldn’t be a luxury, and we strive to provide you with the purest tap water you can get. With our water purification systems in place, you can have water you trust to drink straight from the tap. For commercial spaces, we offer water drinking systems that allow you to go bottleless. We also offer ice machine rentals and other equipment for restaurants and other commercial kitchens with free service and maintenance.

Plumbing and HVAC Services Near You

When you’re searching for help with plumbing in Taylorsville, UT, or want someone you can trust to assist with your HVAC needs, Superior Air & Water has you covered. From air purification systems to water heaters, we are your go-to source for trusted service.  We will ensure that your home and commercial projects are done quickly and correctly. Call Superior Air & Water today!

  • 5 star review  The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. He kindly wore a mask, gloves and shoe coverings for safety. He quickly figured out why our ac wasn’t blowing cold air. The condensation pump is old and needs replacing. He gave me the option of having them replace it, but also let me know I could replace it because it is a very simple fix. He was happy to fix it, but wanted to give us the opportunity to save some money since it is something I could do myself. I originally didn’t know who to call, but I’m relieved I went with Superior. Due to their honesty I will be using them in the future if I have any issues. Thanks

    thumb Brad Christiaens
  • 5 star review  The technician i had come today to upgrade my reverse osmosis system was courteous, professional and polite. Everything went as it was supposed to, he walked me through what was changed with the new system and even checked out my soft water system as well before he left. He even got extra kudos from Hal my dog who decided to check his work before he left. Highly recommend 👌

    thumb Zackary Ritchie
  • 5 star review  We had a water softener installed. Our process was seamless. Glen came and explained the benefits so clearly. We were able to schedule our install soon after. Robert was quick, kind, and knowledgeable with our installation. I would recommend Superior to anyone.

    thumb Cheri Magill
  • 5 star review  Steve came out this morning to do my toilet reinstall. He was friendly and professional. He took the time to address all of my concerns and went that extra mile to make sure everything was working at a optimal level. He then cleaned up the area leaving my bathroom floor spotless. I have to say I have been very impressed with Superior Water and Air. They really are not just another fly by night plumbing company and I can confident say that I have found a plumbing company I can trust and will be doing more business with in the future. Thank you guys for doing a great job. I really appreciate it.

    thumb mick 265
  • 5 star review  When the time came to replace a water heater, I called Superior Water and Air. They sent someone over within two hours to look at my setup and sent me a bid. I decided to go with a tankless, and this required an update to my my natural gas plumbing. My prior water heater was leaking, and Superior sent a temporary replacement for me to use for the few until the installation was scheduled. On the installation day, Superior arrived early, examined my current setup. They examined the other gas appliances my home uses to make sure that using them all at once would not cause any problems. They explained to me exactly what they doing before proceeding. They complete the installation and reconfiguration of my gas lines with professionalism. The configuration of my gas plumbing was more concise and better organized than what I had when they started. After they finished, they reviewed everything they setup, showing the new lines that they installed and replaced. They showed me the switches and shutoff valves they installed, explaining what they turn on/off and when and how to use them. They explained the heater, the filter, showing me how to use it, configure it, and when and how to replace the filters. The new water heater is great. I had an excellent experience with Superior Water and Air. Thanks!

    thumb Jason Belcher

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