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HVAC in Orem, UT

Odd rattling noises, poorly heated or cooled rooms, and a clogged kitchen drain are all signs that your plumbing and HVAC in Orem, Utah, need some attention. Rather than doing multiple online searches for “HVAC near me in Orem, Utah,” contact Superior Water & Air. With our team of experienced technicians and affordable services, we can get your unit back up and running in no time.


Whether you’re looking to have your furnace serviced or your emergency generator needs serious repairs, we have you covered. Our list of HVAC services includes everything you need to stay cool and comfortable or warm and cozy 24/7.

Plumbing Services in Orem, UT

A sudden drop in water pressure, slow-draining sinks, and leaky faucets are all indicators that you need to contact plumbers near you in Orem, UT. These can be warning signs of a bigger problem (burst pipe, clogged drain, etc.) that can lead to expensive repairs or extensive damages if not repaired.


At Superior Water & Air, we’re proud to employ a team of plumbers in Orem, Utah, with the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to resolve even the biggest plumbing problems. We even provide drain cleaning in Orem, UT to ensure water and sewage can flow smoothly through your pipes. No matter what type of repairs you require, Superior Water & Air has you covered. You can browse our list of plumbing services below.

Comprehensive Services to Keep You Comfortable

From ensuring your HVAC and plumbing in Orem, UT are running smoothly to providing you with healthy drinking water, Superior Water & Air provides it all. In addition to our HVAC and plumbing services, our location also features:

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No matter what type of repair you need, Superior Water & Air will quickly and efficiently take care of it. We even offer after-hour services 24/7/365 should a plumbing or HVAC emergency occur. Contact our Orem office today to request residential or commercial service, or to get more information.

  • 5 star review  When the time came to replace a water heater, I called Superior Water and Air. They sent someone over within two hours to look at my setup and sent me a bid. I decided to go with a tankless, and this required an update to my my natural gas plumbing. My prior water heater was leaking, and Superior sent a temporary replacement for me to use for the few until the installation was scheduled. On the installation day, Superior arrived early, examined my current setup. They examined the other gas appliances my home uses to make sure that using them all at once would not cause any problems. They explained to me exactly what they doing before proceeding. They complete the installation and reconfiguration of my gas lines with professionalism. The configuration of my gas plumbing was more concise and better organized than what I had when they started. After they finished, they reviewed everything they setup, showing the new lines that they installed and replaced. They showed me the switches and shutoff valves they installed, explaining what they turn on/off and when and how to use them. They explained the heater, the filter, showing me how to use it, configure it, and when and how to replace the filters. The new water heater is great. I had an excellent experience with Superior Water and Air. Thanks!

    thumb Jason Belcher
  • 5 star review  I had a furnace tuneup scheduled for today, Brandon arrived within the time window that was stated to me by the rep who scheduled the appointment. Brandon was fast to complete the tuneup, respectful of my home, as well as knowledgeable in what he was doing as he answered all of my questions. He informed me of an issue with my furnace that does not need immediate attention however may in the near future. He suggested a new furnace based on what the cost of the repair would be, which I kind of expected as mine is 23 years old. However he was honest in telling me that I could make it through the rest of this year without problems. I truly appreciated the honesty. Based on this interaction I will be scheduling an appointment to get a bid for a new furnace through Superior in the future. Thank you Brandon for a great experience!

    thumb Cody Peay
  • 5 star review  This job was for a Lennox 5 head mini-split system, 4 ton unit. After shopping around a bit, this bid came in a bit high, but ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you the quality this brand, and thus the higher price tag. The home this was was built in 1911, and has no room to run the cooling lines on exterior walls between our 3 living floor spaces. I had some very specific needs for the cooling lines and the condensation lines. The job was expected to take 5 days due to the complexity, and Darrin and his crew was able to both train a new employee, and get my system done in 3 days. The job site was left nice and clean. The install aesthetic exceeded my expectations despite the fact that my house is older, and looks it from many aspects. One of the installers had routed a line such that it would not work for my future ceiling remodel, and at my request, the line was re-routed to fulfill my needs without complaint. The line also folded/kinked during the reroute, and a new line was needed. This is the sort of complication I’d expect to make the job take longer, and it was still completed 2 days early. Our system had died, and the company supplied me with 2 lender cooling units till my turn came around.

    thumb Christopher Lister
  • 5 star review  I have an old furnace (~40 years old) that was in need of repair or replacement. These matters seem to happen at the most inopportune times. This company (Superior water & air) happens to be the contracted furnace sales & installation group selected by Costco in our area. I had a service call placed with them and they were very responsive, efficient, and accurate in diagnosing the issue and repairing the furnace. The service person was very attentive, professional, and informative. This is what I would expect and appreciate from a company sponsored by Costco and one in which I would be willing to purchase products from. The help is appreciated. Overall I give it 4.8 rating.

    thumb Archie Holmes
  • 5 star review  We had a water softener installed. Our process was seamless. Glen came and explained the benefits so clearly. We were able to schedule our install soon after. Robert was quick, kind, and knowledgeable with our installation. I would recommend Superior to anyone.

    thumb Cheri Magill

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