Plumbing & HVAC Services in Bluffdale, UT

HVAC Services in Bluffdale, UT

Unusual furnace noises, problems with your thermostat, blown fuses, and water leaks are just some of the common problems you may have with your HVAC system. To remedy the problem, you may turn to online how-to videos to see if you can fix the problem yourself. While these repairs may provide some temporary relief, only a professional technician can fix your system without causing further damage to your system. If you’re having issues with your HVAC system in Bluffdale, UT, contact Superior Water & Air. We provide affordable HVAC services in and around the Bluffdale area to ensure your system is running effectively and your family is comfortable.


At Superior Water & Air, we offer the following HVAC services in Bluffdale, UT: Heating & FurnacesAir ConditioningAir Purification, & Generators.

High-Quality Plumbers in Bluffdale, UT

Constantly dripping faucets, running toilets, clogged toilets, poor water pressure, or a faulty water heater are all signs of a plumbing issue. You may attempt to resolve the issue yourself to save money and for faster relief, but DIY repairs can be extremely risky. Only a certified plumber knows how to effectively repair plumbing issues and ensure these issues don’t reoccur. If you’re having problems with your pipes, water, or garbage disposal, contact a Superior Water & Air plumber in Bluffdale, UT. We’re proud to provide a number of plumbing services that ensure your pipes are clear and that your water is running effectively. 


Superior Water & Air offers the following plumbing services in Bluffdale, UT:

Additional Services Provided by Superior Water & Air

Keeping your HVAC system and plumbing running properly is only the beginning of what we provide at Superior Water & Air. We also offer:

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Don’t go through the frustration of fighting your HVAC or plumbing issues. Visit our Superior Water & Air store or contact us online to schedule HVAC & Plumbing services in Bluffdale, UT. We will make sure your home and commercial projects are completed quickly and competently.

  • 5 star review  I had a furnace tuneup scheduled for today, Brandon arrived within the time window that was stated to me by the rep who scheduled the appointment. Brandon was fast to complete the tuneup, respectful of my home, as well as knowledgeable in what he was doing as he answered all of my questions. He informed me of an issue with my furnace that does not need immediate attention however may in the near future. He suggested a new furnace based on what the cost of the repair would be, which I kind of expected as mine is 23 years old. However he was honest in telling me that I could make it through the rest of this year without problems. I truly appreciated the honesty. Based on this interaction I will be scheduling an appointment to get a bid for a new furnace through Superior in the future. Thank you Brandon for a great experience!

    thumb Cody Peay
  • 5 star review  The technician i had come today to upgrade my reverse osmosis system was courteous, professional and polite. Everything went as it was supposed to, he walked me through what was changed with the new system and even checked out my soft water system as well before he left. He even got extra kudos from Hal my dog who decided to check his work before he left. Highly recommend 👌

    thumb Zackary Ritchie
  • 5 star review  Mark came into my home today and did a wonderful job installing my soft water and our RO system. He did quality work and I would definitely recommend him to do other work for anyone else. Thank you for superior water and air. Jeff Buck said all of this in motion and we are thankful to him for his top notch work as well. Jeff treated us right from the first moment we had contact with him.

    thumb Paul Wheeler
  • 5 star review  Casey and Luis came the day after we called about AC concerns. They were great to work with! They diagnosed our AC problem and helped provide options for the fix. We ended up getting a new AC unit and Ricardo and Daniel came the next day to install. Ricardo and Danielle were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable! They came at 9 and finished installing the same day at 3. We also worked with Jason for financing and that was great as well. Throughout the entire process, every person that we worked with was friendly, patient, and kind. They answered all of our questions. I really appreciated every person involved and recommend this company for fast and thorough work with fantastic employees!

    thumb Derek Griner
  • 5 star review  When the time came to replace a water heater, I called Superior Water and Air. They sent someone over within two hours to look at my setup and sent me a bid. I decided to go with a tankless, and this required an update to my my natural gas plumbing. My prior water heater was leaking, and Superior sent a temporary replacement for me to use for the few until the installation was scheduled. On the installation day, Superior arrived early, examined my current setup. They examined the other gas appliances my home uses to make sure that using them all at once would not cause any problems. They explained to me exactly what they doing before proceeding. They complete the installation and reconfiguration of my gas lines with professionalism. The configuration of my gas plumbing was more concise and better organized than what I had when they started. After they finished, they reviewed everything they setup, showing the new lines that they installed and replaced. They showed me the switches and shutoff valves they installed, explaining what they turn on/off and when and how to use them. They explained the heater, the filter, showing me how to use it, configure it, and when and how to replace the filters. The new water heater is great. I had an excellent experience with Superior Water and Air. Thanks!

    thumb Jason Belcher

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