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Radon Testing For Your Home

November 16, 2012

Smoking is the unanimous leading cause of lung cancer. Everyone knows that. But does anyone know what the second leading cause of lung cancer is? You can possibly inhale this gas every single day and not even know it.

The scariest part about this gas is that it has no immediate effect on you either and can stay in your house for years. The house right next door to yours can be completely free of it too while you are rolling in it in your home. The second leading cause of lung cancer deaths is radon gas.
Radon gas is emitted wherever the element uranium decays and builds up in closed and confined spaces like homes and buildings. It is a radioactive gas that does not have smell, taste and you cannot see it.

The way you test for radon gas is to buy a radon test kit from the EPA or your local heating and cooling experts should have some tests they will sell to you as well. Put the test in the lowest elevation in your home and leave it there for the specified amount of time. Each radon test is different for the amount of time so read the label. Then read the reading on it and determine what level your radon is at.

If you are in a safe range then there is no need to worry but if you are not in the safe range then there are ways to rid your house of radon. Call your state EPA office and ask them for a list of mitigation contractors who can remove the radon from your home. Although it is a do-it-yourself test, it is not a do-it-yourself job to remove the radon.

There you have it. The reasons why radon should concern you, how to identify the gas in your home and how to remove radon from your as quick as possible.