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All About Home Ventilation Improvements

February 11, 2013

Many homes—particularly new ones—aren’t designed with ventilation in mind. Instead, many are constructed as “tightly” as possible in order to prevent energy loss and to maximize efficiency. Though this style of construction has several advantages, it also has some drawbacks—the biggest disadvantage being that homes constructed in this manner often have poor air circulation and ventilation.

Ventilation systems will improve air quality throughout your home

Ventilation systems will improve air quality throughout your home

A home that is poorly ventilated may encounter a number of problems. Two of the biggest concerns include:

  • Poor indoor air quality. If air isn’t circulated properly through your home, pet hair, dander, dust, and other allergens will accumulate and potentially create health problems for family members.
  • Uneven distribution of heated or cooled air from your HVAC system. You may find that some rooms are well heated or cooled, while others seem overly hot or cold. Proper ventilation will lead to better air circulation and reduce stress on your HVAC system.

Fortunately, poor ventilation doesn’t have to be a permanent problem—nor will fixing the problem necessarily require major reconstruction or remodeling. A small investment may be all that is required to solve all your home’s ventilation problems.

Increase in-home comfort

A good-quality home ventilation system will help ensure that the air in your home is fresh and that the temperature remains properly regulated. Depending on the needs of your home, your local home ventilation company may install a bathroom ventilation system, an attic ventilation system, or a whole-house ventilation system. The improvements will have a number of benefits, including:

  • Save money by minimizing stress on your HVAC system
  • Reduce energy usage
  • Make your home healthier and make the air fresher by reducing allergens and other contaminants

Proper home ventilation is an often overlooked aspect of good home design. If you have questions about home ventilation, or if you’d like to know your options for home improvements, call the Utah indoor air quality specialists.

By Tim Crain.