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Water Heaters: Time To Go Tankless

August 6, 2016

Although tankless hot water heaters have not been around as long, they are quickly becoming more popular than other models. This is due to the large number of advantages that can be gained through using this type of system. Take a look at all that can be gained through using a tankless hot water heater, and how this will change the way you live.

Prevent disasters

One of the most common problems that can come with the maintenance of your home is caused directly from a broken hot water heater. These can burst, in some cases flooding an entire basement. Because a tankless water heater only works with a small amount of water at a time, it is better at preventing a problem such as this. Instead of risking as much as fifty pounds of water cascading onto your floors, you keep the amount of water small eliminating much of the risk.

Cost efficient

Although the initial cost of a tankless hot water heater will be greater, the amount you will save over time will be well worth it. Upgrade in your home to the tankless option to get more out of it. Rather than needing to keep an entire tank hot, the hot water heater that is tankless will only heat up as much water as needed, making it more energy efficient. With this system, you will save a significant amount of money over time, and have a more positive influence on the environment. Your supply of hot water will be instantaneous, eliminating the prospect of a cold shower. Now everyone can have all the hot water they need, without the water running out of the tank.

The look

In addition to all these other factors, the look of a tankless hot water heater is far above those that use a large tank. Instead of taking up a large amount of space, the tankless model can fit more easily into your home, mounting directly onto your wall.

Look into all the advantages of investing in a tankless hot water heater for your home. It is well worth the change. If your current hot water heater is getting older, or having problems running efficiently, contact us about replacing it with a tankless model. You will be surprised the improvement it can make in your everyday life.