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When Did Modern Water Filtration Systems Begin?

June 6, 2014

The Emergence of Modern Water Filters

Water filtration systems have revolutionized the way water is consumed, giving more people the option to safe drinking water. While this is a luxury many people take for granted, this hasn’t always been available to the general population. Before this, other methods were needed to ensure disease wasn’t spread through this necessary source. Take a look at how far things have come, and what differences have made an impact.


The Need for Clean Water

In part the need for clean water has been directly linked to growing societies. While there are many water contaminants that are naturally occurring, there are also a great deal that have been caused in recent time by our growing civilization. Water pollution has grown in staggering amounts, and it should not be treated lightly.


When civilization first began, it was necessary for groups of people to cluster around sure water sources. Traveling far beyond these points was potentially dangerous as the ability to carry water any length was limited. It was only when new technologies, no matter how simple, were developed to better control water that people began venturing farther than the sides of clean water sources.


The Emergence of Filters

In the 17th century Sir Francis Bacon began to experiment with water filtration systems. His first projects were an attempt to desalinate sea water. This was done by passing the water flow through a sand filter. While this first experiment was largely unsuccessful, it signified the beginning of this line of study. More people began looking into the particles that were present in water, understanding the dangers these pathogens can deliver.


In 1804 the first sand filter was used as a way to purify the water supply to a community in Scotland. While the method was relatively rough, it got the job done. From there more advances were made, changing and perfecting the systems used to deliver the highest quality water to those in need.


There are a number of different pathogens that will make their way into the water supply. This includes but is not limited to cryptosporidium, nitrates, and lead. All of these are hazardous to your health, causing serious medical issues and in some cases could be fatal. Make sure the water you are drinking is filtered, keeping you healthier.

Water filtration systems have come a long way since they were first designed. Take advantage of having clean water in your home, utilizing this resource.