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What You Need To Know About Solar Power

April 6, 2012

We’re all starting to hear little bits and pieces of the green movement. With the prices of energy starting to go up dramatically, many people are starting to take heed of the suggestions to go green. With these new, up-and-coming products, and specifically with solar power, what are the benefits and the disadvantages of converting your home to a greener, more energy-efficient source of power?


• Solar power is a renewable resource
• Installation is a one-time cost
• As opposed to most generators, solar panels make no noise
• The power, when harnessed and used, does not pollute the environment
• You only have to clean them about once a year
• They require very little maintenance
• In the long run, you can cut down on your power bills.
• Easy installation
• Tax credits from the government if you qualify (up to 30% of cost)

As you can see, there are lots of good things about switching over to solar power. However, like with everything else in life, there are some disadvantages and slight inconveniences as well.

The Cons

• The solar panels themselves can be very expensive when they are first purchased
• On cloudy or stormy days, you might have to limit the amount of electricity you use
• In order to be efficient, a large area needs to be dedicated to the solar panels
• The pollution in the air already can act like a cloud, decreasing the efficiency of the solar panels
• Buildings or other structures might shadow the solar panels, which decreases efficiency

Though there are still some disadvantages to solar power, the benefits surely outweigh them. And, with new developments in solar technology, it is likely that many of those disadvantages will drop off the list.
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-Kassandra Konecny