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What To Do In a Plumbing Emergency

June 20, 2011

Unfortunately, plumbing emergencies happen in the lives of each of us. Everything from a small leak to a flooded basement can induce panic in a homeowner. Luckily, Superior Water and Air’s plumbing system will take care of all new equipment and replacements you may be in need of. But, in case of a plumbing emergency, you’ll need to know what to do before the professionals arrive. Here are two simple steps that will mitigate the disaster:

  1. Turn your water off at the main shutoff valve. Usually, the valve will be located on the outside of your house by your water meters, which will are likely near the street. If you don’t find your shutoff valve there, look inside your home beneath a floor access panel, in the basement, or in the floors of your closets. A shutoff valve is a large valve in the middle of a pipe. Closing that valve will go a long way towards keeping your home from flooding.
  2. Turn off your water heater. After you shut off the flow of water into your home, your water heater can overheat, leading to injury for anyone who unknowingly tries to use the hot water. Turn off the circuit breakers and the gas supply to your water heater.

Looks like you might need a replacement, so call your Utah water softener and plumbing experts!