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Tips for Dealing with Harsh Winter Skin

January 6, 2016

dryskinSuperiorIt’s officially winter, which means it’s freezing cold outside and you are combating it by blasting the heat or huddling around the fireplace. Trying to stay warm during the winter is hard enough, we don’t need the additional stresses like cracked skin or winter induced asthma to the mix. By taking a few preventative steps you can save your skin, nose, and lips from becoming dry, itchy, and red this winter.

1. Increase your water intake:

drinkmorewaterHelp your body from the inside out by providing it with lots of water to keep you hydrated. It’s important that you and your children consume plenty of healthy liquids during the winter months whether it be water, tea, juice, or even hot chocolate. By drinking water your skin will feel moisturized and you will feel healthier as well as happier.

2. Add moisture to the air:

humidifierThis is one of the best and easiest ways to combat dry winter skin! Turning on the heater in your home makes the air very dry, by purchasing a humidifier you will be relieved of dry skin, bloody noses, and winter-induced asthma. You can use a whole house or single room humidifier to increase the moisture in the air. The moist air will not only combat winter skin but it will also keep your thermostat low.

3. Seal in the moisture that is there:

lipbalmBy having everyone in your household armed with lip balm and hand lotion you are bound to have some sense of relief from winter skin. After drinking plenty of water and putting moisture in your air, you must then do your part to keep moisture in your skin. Keeping lotion available in the bathroom to apply after washing hands or using baby oil after a shower are great ways to lock in moisture and protect your skin from the harsh winter air.

These small changes in your home go a long way in keeping your skin happy and healthy this winter. To receive information on the best humidifier for your home call Superior Water & Air at (801) 438-4910, we have a variety of options!