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Superior Gives Thanks for Everything Water

November 24, 2014

This Thanksgiving, Superior Water & Air is extending recognition to an often under-appreciated part of modern life: water and water related appliances. The facility with which water is supplied, purified, and delivered is something to be thankful for each day. Access to clean, potable water is a human right that not everyone enjoys. Having a constant supply of treated water flowing directly from a tap is a benefit that is easy to take for granted. If you’ve ever lacked this easy access or been forced to search for water, filter it, and haul it for an extended time, you can appreciate everything about water that instantly flows clean from a tap.

Of course, the advances in water supply, heating, softening, and purification technology have been even greater accomplishments that have facilitated our access to and use of water in daily life. Water heaters, softeners, and purifiers have all contributed to a more efficient transmission of water and a healthier water experience–for drinking, washing, and bathing. The energy efficiency benefits and accessibility of these systems also make them even more advantageous to any household. As Thanksgiving draws closer, here at Superior we’re thankful for all of the advances in water technology and water related appliances that make our lives better each day. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our family, friends, and customers!