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Don’t Be in the Dark! Invest in a Portable Generator

January 28, 2011

Utah’s unpredictable and violent weather often causes electrical black outs, forcing our families into darkness at a vulnerable time.  Houses along the Wasatch Front, where earthquakes are a major threat, are in danger of experiencing black outs that can last long periods of time.

Generally, power outages are caused by:

  • Weather-related factors
  • Grid overload or utility problems
  • Fallen trees
  • Human error or animal contact
  • Other miscellaneous reasons

What would you do if any of these instances occurred?  Are you prepared for a power outage?

As the old saying goes:  ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’.  This is definitely the case when it comes to ensuring your family has light during an unexpected crisis.   A portable generator can provide peace of mind because you know that whenever the electrical power is shut off, you will always have light.   A portable generator will also keep food from spoiling, protect you from extreme cold or heat in a crisis, and maintain access to essential sources of information such as TV and radio.

We install only the finest whole-home residential generator available on the market today. The unit is placed on the outside of your house where it will remain in stand-by mode until it is needed.  All of our generators are tested and ready to use prior to shipping.  Call Superior Water and Air today.  We are your #1 Utah water softener and portable generator company!