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Installing a new, high-efficiency tankless water heater can result in up to 75% more efficiency than your previous heating system

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Tankless Water Heater

Superior Water & Air proudly carries tankless water heaters as well as traditional water heaters. Call today for options

We carry all major manufacturer brands including:

Our Superior Technicians are background checked and insured for your protection; They are also highly trained and experienced with certifications such as EPARocky Mountain Gas Association, and NATE.

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    WATER Heater Repairs

    We've been repairing water heaters since 1956
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    When to Switch? When to Fix?

    Breakdowns & Repairs

    A well maintained water heater should lasts between 10 and 15 years. If you find your water heater is in that age range and needing repairs you’re probably losing money.


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    Energy Efficiency

    Your current water heater could be costing you a lot of money to operate if it’s old or working improperly. If you have a water heater over 8 years old and want to reduce your power bill.


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    Rumbling and noise

    Sediment will build up on the bottom of the tank. As the sediment is heated and reheated, it will harden. When this happens, you can often hear rumbling or banging sounds coming from the water heater as it is heating up.

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