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Converting Your Home to Solar Energy

January 19, 2015

Energy consumption around the house can be high, contributing to strain on the environment and making your energy bills fluctuate from month to month. Transitioning to a solar alternative for heating and cooling at home can be a good way to save on energy bills and promote a more environmentally friendly approach to powering your home throughout the year.

Solar energy is efficient precisely because it uses the energy of the sun to generate power for your home heating and cooling systems. With a solar power generating system, solar will be the initial method to power these appliances. Once the available solar power is expended, your regular power source will initiate to make up the difference. Here is a closer look at how a solar energy system can benefit your home.

Clean Energy

The most obvious benefits to transitioning to solar power is that with it you are utilizing a clean source of power. Solar energy is completely renewable, clean, and unlimited. Generating power through solar panels is a great way to take advantage of the sunlight for the benefit of your personal home energy consumption. For people concerned about reducing the environmental impact of relying on fossil fuels to provide heating and cooling for the home, solar is a great solution.

Save Money

The investment in the solar energy system for your home can pay off in the long term with the money you stand to save on energy bills year round. Since solar power is renewable, clean, and, best of all, free, you can reduce your reliance on less sustainable sources of energy on a day to day basis. Since heating and cooling represent a significant portion of monthly utility costs, you can potentially save a lot by transitioning to solar. This is especially true if you reside in a state with plenty of sunshine.

Receive Tax Credits

Another big benefit of transitioning to solar for heating and cooling is the tax credits you stand to receive. The federal government offers tax credits and rebates for installing clean energy systems to your home. Many states, including Utah, also offer these types of tax benefits. Beyond the environmental benefits and the potential to save a lot on monthly utility bills from heating and cooling, you also stand to receive tax credits. Going solar is a positive investment any way you look at it.