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Why Do I Need A Tankless Water Heater

May 14, 2015



If the idea of continually heating your water in a big tank sitting in your basement or closet sounds wasteful to you, then a tankless water heater may be the right option for you. There are many advantages of switching to a tankless water heater, from energy efficiency to space savings. Read below for a few reasons to go tankless.


A typical water heater tank is supposed to last 10-13 years, while tankless water heaters are estimated to last up to 20 years!


One of the big advantages of tankless water heaters is the potential space you are about to save. Traditional water heaters with the capacity of 40-60 gallons tend to be 60” tall and 24” wide, in a home where space is at a premium, a bulky metal tank can take up precious space. While a tankless water heater  is usually around 20” wide by 28” tall, and just 10” deep!

Energy Savings and Operating Costs

Be aware that you will be spending more money to actually get a tankless water heater because the upfront cost is higher, and keep in mind the plumbing and installation costs. In the long run though, your operating costs should start to make up for the higher prices. Water heating represents about 20% of a home’s energy costs, it is estimated that a typical family can save anywhere from $80-$100 (if not more) a year with a tankless water heater. A traditional water heater’s water sits idling in a tank waiting for someone to need hot water, while tankless systems instantaneously provide hot water on demand, so you are not wasting money by spending it on standby heat!

Now that you know a little more about tankless water heaters, you are able to determine if one is right for you! Call Superior Water and Air for more today!