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Is Your Furnace Filter Polluting Your Home?

September 24, 2015

furnace filter

What Is A Furnace Filter?

A furnace filter is a removable filter that fits inside your furnace between the air intake location and the fan, heating coil, and motor. It was designed to protect the motor and other mechanical parts from a number of airborne particles that could ruin the furnace. A standard fiberglass filter was originally used in furnaces by manufacturers for motor protection from dust and other particles. The modern furnace filters are built with air purification in them to improve the quality of the air in your home. These new and improved furnace filters trap pollen, allergens, dust and smoke to enhance the quality of your air. A clean furnace filter can greatly improve airflow and efficiency if maintained and changed when necessary.

When Do I Need To Change The Filter?

Over time the furnace filter fills up with dust and particles lessening the ability of airflow, which increases resistance. This is when it is time to change the filter, primarily for energy saving reasons but also for cleaner more efficient air. These are a few factors to consider in the lifespan of your furnace filter:

  • Higher MERV will need to be changed more often because of the amount of particles it catches.
  • The overall air quality in your home depending on when it was built.
  • Any pets – dogs, cats, birds, rats, etc.
  • The number of occupants in the home.
  • General air pollution in your area or any construction happening.

Why Do I Need To Change The Filter?

If the filter in your furnace is not cleaned or replaced the furnace will become too clogged and cause the system to overheat then quit altogether. If overheating does not occur the motor will continue use more energy to deal with the resistance which greatly affects your power bill. Another reason to change the filter is to keep the air clean. If the particle-filled filter continues to work hard inside the system it actually begins polluting the air because it has nowhere else to store it. The air purification system is a great feature in the new furnace filters but it becomes useless and harmful if not properly taken care of. In the transition from blazing summers to the chilly Utah winter it’s important to clean your furnace filter or replace it to cut down on poor air quality.

Not sure what type of furnace filter you need or if it is time for a cleaning/replacement? Give Superior a call today (801) 438-4910! Superior Water & Air offers quality furnace repair and installation services.