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The Benefits of Swamp Coolers

July 2, 2012

Anyone who has spent any time in Utah will be able to tell you that our summers can be very hot and very dry.  All that dry heat can take a toll on your body, and leave you at greater risk for allergies and illness.  For business owners, that can mean reduced employee health and productivity.

That’s why a cooling system that adds humidity to the air can be a great investment for your Utah business.  Swamp coolers are a convenient and affordable solution for your industrial business cooling needs.  They can increase workplace air quality, and create a comfortable and healthy environment for employees.

Industrial Cooling

Swamp coolers are especially good for businesses located in large buildings and warehouses where the cost of a central cooling system would be too high.

Some of the benefits of workplace swamp coolers include:

  • They are cheaper and more efficient than most other forms of air conditioning systems.
  • They increase indoor air quality, making the workplace more comfortable and healthy for your workers.
  • They consume much less energy than other kinds of AC systems.  It is estimated that they use only ¼ of the energy of central air conditioning systems.
  • They are durable.  Swamp coolers can last for many years, and they generally require very little maintenance.  Because they operate off a simple evaporation process, any maintenance that is required is often simple and affordable.

There are many advantages to swamp coolers, and few drawbacks, particularly for those working in industrial settings.

If you’re ready to increase the quality and comfort of your workplace, contact the Utah swamp cooling and air conditioner experts!