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A/C Product Feature: Tempstar Air Conditioners

May 9, 2014

A/C Product Feature: Tempstar Air Conditioners

Tempstar is a trusted name in air conditioning and has numerous products with high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings. Three of the brand’s air conditioner units have SEER ratings of 13, 14, and 18 and are models of energy efficiency built with the latest air conditioning technology and in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star guidelines. As all purpose, reliable air conditioning units, Tempstar is a great choice for cooling needs for homes and businesses. The brand also comes with standard and replacement limited warranties to ensure that you are covered in the event of a mechanical failure.


The energy ratings on Tempstar air conditioners are one reason why they have become such a trusted brand. An extensive line of high efficiency products that often exceed the EPA’s Energy Star program minimum efficiency standards makes Tempstar a top brand for industry professionals and those who know the value of a quality air conditioner. These more energy efficient air conditioners help reduce environmental impacts of energy consumption and can lower your monthly energy bills and keep your home cooler with less energy expended.

Air conditioning units can be drains on commercial and residential energy during the hot summer months. Investing in an energy efficient model of air conditioner is the best way to soften the blow of high monthly power bills and help promote a more sustainable level of energy consumption. Tempstar air conditioners are just one of many reliable, Energy Star certified brands that can effectively meet the cooling needs of both homes and businesses–large and small.