Cities with the Hardest Water in Utah

Cities in Utah are known for having hard water, sometimes to the point that it can cause damage to your home, hair, and skin. Across the country, Utah has some of the hardest water, along with parts of the Western United States and much of the Midwest. Here’s what you should know about Utah’s water.

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Drinking Water in Salt Lake: What to Know

View image | Knowing the contents of your drinking water is important. Every region and every city has different levels of water quality, and drinking water originates from different sources. In northern Utah, much of the drinking water is sourced from deep wells and alpine streams, with much of it supplied each year by […]

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What’s in Your Water? A Look at Water Quality

We all take clean drinking water for granted at times. In the developed world, we expect the water that comes out of the tap to be clean and potable, but while municipal water is safe for consumption, there are still numerous chemicals and contaminants that make it through the filtration and purification process at the […]

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