Furnace Efficiency for Homeowners

In the past few years there has been quite an emphasis on the benefits of “going green” and making your home more energy efficient. As a professional HVAC company, we often get questions on furnace efficiency, what it means, and how having an energy efficient furnace can benefit one’s home. During a furnace tune-up or […]

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Water Heater Energy Savings Tips

#183867929 / Home energy savings involve looking at a number of contributors to energy consumption. From lighting and kitchen appliances to water heaters, there are a range of contributors to home energy use. Understanding how each of these affects home energy consumption is important to working to make your home more energy efficient. Water […]

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Cold Weather Energy Savings

Much like ensuring that your home and appliances are energy efficient during the hot summer months, assessing your home’s energy efficiency in the cold months is equally as important. Since your home HVAC system is responsible for delivering cold air from an air conditioner in the summer and warm air from the furnace in the winter, maintaining this system year round is extremely important.

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