A/C Maintenance for Summer

As the summer temperatures continue to rise, it is important to properly maintain your air conditioner so that it will work efficiently all summer. There are things that you can do to keep your A/C unit running when you need it most, but it should also be serviced by a professional to keep it in […]

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Common AC Problems

The sun is up and the weather’s hot. Outdoor adventure is calling out. With all that activity, you’ll want a place to rest and find peace where you can find recharge for your next outing. What a relief it is to walk into a room that’s brisk with the fresh air of a properly working […]

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How Your Air Conditioner Works

  The summer months can be hot, sticky, and just plain miserable if you don’t have the means to cool yourself down. Your air conditioner works every day to cool down the temperatures in your home by providing you with cool air, but have you ever stopped and thought about just how your air conditioning […]

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