Plumbing & HVAC Services in Clinton, Utah

HVAC Services in Clinton, UT

When you run into heating and cooling problems at your home or your water heater goes out and floods the surrounding areas, it’s good to know there’s a company that will be there for you anytime you need help. Whether it’s you have a clogged sink, issues with ventilation, or your water is running ice-cold, the highly-trained technicians at Superior Water & Air are ready to help.

No matter your needs at any time of day, our team provides plumbing and HVAC services in Clinton, Utah, right when you need help most.


Finding out that your air conditioner or furnace needs to be replaced can cause an immediate panic, but it doesn’t have to. Whether you need a full new unit, or just the addition of an air purification system to make sure your heater and air conditioning are pumping out clean air, we can help you with your HVAC needs in Clinton, Utah. We can also hook you up with an emergency generator so you’re prepared for even the longest power outages in the nastiest storms. No matter the need, our HVAC professionals near you in Clinton, UT, can assist.

Plumbing Services in Clinton, UT

When you get home after a long day wanting to rinse off to settle into your evening, finding out there isn’t a drop of warm water to spare can be a major disappointment. Maybe you noticed that your kitchen sink has water standing in it, and even just washing your hands becomes a tedious and time-consuming task. If this is the case, you need a plumber who can provide drain cleaning in Clinton and other repairs. Our plumbers near you in Clinton can help with busted pipes and water heater repairs and replacements.

Water Services in Clinton, UT

Outside of plumbing and HVAC, we can help purify and soften your tap water so you can feel good about the water you’re drinking every day. Superior Water & Air also provides commercial water services like bottleless drinking systems, bringing hot and cold water into any commercial space. We also offer restaurant equipment rentals like commercial beverage machines and ice makers that come with free service and maintenance.

HVAC Specialists and Plumbers Near You in Clinton, UT

No matter what your HVAC and plumbing problems are, you can put your trust in the professionals at Superior Water & Air to get the job done. When you have a commercial project that calls for help, or a repair that needs to be done, call Superior Water & Air for HVAC and plumbers in Clinton, UT! We will make sure that your home and commercial projects are done quickly and correctly.

  • 5 star review  We had Superior Water and Air do a huge job for us. We replaced a very old gas furnace with a new furnace + added AC to it. We also added a mini-split heat pump system to another part of the house that had no heating prior. We live in an old house that we’ve been gradually renovating. We’ve dealt with many contractors and have had some bad experiences. Superior was absolutely awesome to work with. Darrin was very meticulous. He really knows his stuff and cared about doing it right. We haven’t experienced that much with other contractors. Jeff provided awesome customer service and was always making sure that we were well taken care of. When we had concerns (which were rare), they were all over it. The systems we got are working like a charm. The house is so comfortable for the first time in the three years we’ve lived there! We are extremely happy with their customer service, prices, quality workmanship, and the product we got. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough!

    thumb Kody Powell
  • 5 star review  Austin serviced our water softener today. I was very happy with the entire service call. He called in advance and arrived when expected. He quickly made checks of our water softener system. He made a few adjustments. He answered all our questions. We’re in the pandemic and he wore a mask, gloves and shoe covers. I would definitely recommend Superior to others.

    thumb Brent Worwood
  • 5 star review  Mark came into my home today and did a wonderful job installing my soft water and our RO system. He did quality work and I would definitely recommend him to do other work for anyone else. Thank you for superior water and air. Jeff Buck said all of this in motion and we are thankful to him for his top notch work as well. Jeff treated us right from the first moment we had contact with him.

    thumb Paul Wheeler
  • 5 star review  When the time came to replace a water heater, I called Superior Water and Air. They sent someone over within two hours to look at my setup and sent me a bid. I decided to go with a tankless, and this required an update to my my natural gas plumbing. My prior water heater was leaking, and Superior sent a temporary replacement for me to use for the few until the installation was scheduled. On the installation day, Superior arrived early, examined my current setup. They examined the other gas appliances my home uses to make sure that using them all at once would not cause any problems. They explained to me exactly what they doing before proceeding. They complete the installation and reconfiguration of my gas lines with professionalism. The configuration of my gas plumbing was more concise and better organized than what I had when they started. After they finished, they reviewed everything they setup, showing the new lines that they installed and replaced. They showed me the switches and shutoff valves they installed, explaining what they turn on/off and when and how to use them. They explained the heater, the filter, showing me how to use it, configure it, and when and how to replace the filters. The new water heater is great. I had an excellent experience with Superior Water and Air. Thanks!

    thumb Jason Belcher
  • 5 star review  I’d recommend this company to anyone looking into changing a water heater, purifying their water supply like I did. My wife applied at Costco to have Superior Water and Air come by our home to assess our old water heater. Glen came by our house next week and was an expert from beginning to end. After testing our water, educating us concerning reverse osmosis and soft water complications with the house, we made our decision to upgrade parts of our water supply. It was totally pressure free and such a professional experience I had to post. Really, it said a lot about his company and I’d go with them again. Thanks Glen!!

    thumb Philip Swink

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