There’s nothing worse than reaching to turn up the thermostat on a chilly day, only to realize that your heater is blowing cold air. Your home should be a comfortable, warm environment, even on the coldest days. And when your heater isn’t working, it’s completely understandable if you feel frustrated.


So, why is your heater blowing cold air? We’ve created a list of possible causes—and solutions—to help you get your heater back in working order as quickly as possible.


7 Reasons Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air

A heater might blow cold air for a variety of reasons, and some are more concerning than others. Here are some of the top reasons heaters blow cold air:


1. The Heater Is Still Warming Up

Fortunately, sometimes your heater just needs time to warm up before it can start blowing warm air. So if your heater is blowing cooler air than you would expect, let it run for a few minutes to see if the air gets warmer. Hopefully, you’ll be feeling toasty in no time!


2. Someone Has Adjusted the Thermostat

If you live with kids, roommates, or even pets, someone may have adjusted the thermostat to a cooler temperature. If this is the case in your house, that’s great news! All you need to do is check the thermostat and pump up the heat to enjoy a warmer indoor temperature.


3. The Pilot Light Is Out

A pilot light is an essential part of any working heater. However, if your home’s gas supply is ever interrupted, the pilot light could go out. Luckily, relighting a pilot light is fairly easy to do on your own, and once you do so, your heater will be blowing warm air again.


4. The Fan Is Off

The heater fan is necessary to get warm air blowing throughout the house in the winter. If your heater is blowing cooler air, check the thermostat to ensure the fan is turned to the “auto” setting. (Turning the fan to the “on” setting will cause it to blow continuously.)


5. Your Breaker Is Tripped

Do you have an electric furnace? If so, a tripped breaker could be the cause of cold air blowing from the heater. To resolve this issue, just reset the breaker and turn the heater on again.


6. The Flame Sensor Is Dirty

A flame sensor sends a signal telling the heater that warm air is moving through the ducts. However, if this sensor gets dirty, it may not work properly, and the gas burner won’t stay lit. In this case, it’s best to call an HVAC professional to clean the sensor.


7. The Filter Is Clogged

Another common reason a heater might blow out cold air is that the filter is clogged or dirty. This makes it harder for air to enter the warming chamber. Fix the problem by calling a professional or by changing the filter yourself.


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